Allergy Update

It’s been a while since I’ve talked a lot about food. My original intention was to use this blog to discuss the difficulties of having food allergies and traveling; however, since I moved to South Korea, something has changed. I started to notice 4-5 months after being here that when I would accidentally eat somethingContinue reading “Allergy Update”

5 Tricks for Traveling with Food Allergies

For those of us with food allergies and intolerances, eating out at a new restaurant can be a little scary and nerve-racking, but doing that in a different city or country, and maybe you won’t even speak the same language as the waiters, can be terrifying. Like me, you don’t let your fear and dietaryContinue reading “5 Tricks for Traveling with Food Allergies”

Quarantine: Week Two Things Fall Apart

Let me be honest I am not a person of routine. I can only stick to a routine if I am so busy I have no other choice. If you hear me say my daily routine know that it is a lie. One that I’m telling myself as much as you. All of this isContinue reading “Quarantine: Week Two Things Fall Apart”

My Food Allergy Journey Part 3: What They Didn’t Test Me For

Over the next few weeks, my reactions got fewer and fewer as I learned about cross-contamination and became diligent about reading the contents of every food package I bought. I spent hours grocery shopping. It turns out my allergens were in everything. Soon a few successful reaction-free months passed, and I thought I had madeContinue reading “My Food Allergy Journey Part 3: What They Didn’t Test Me For”

My Food Allergy Journey Part 1: The Initial Reaction

I’m not quite sure exactly when my food allergies started. Growing up, I never felt the greatest. When my stomach would hurt, I would chalk it up to overeating or being too fat or too lazy. I found myself tired and lethargic a lot. Back then, I didn’t even know food allergies outside of peanuts,Continue reading “My Food Allergy Journey Part 1: The Initial Reaction”

My Food Allergy Journey Part 2: Violent Reactions

Fast forward six years later. I’m in my little Honda Civic with my mom and my cat someplace in the middle of Texas. My dad is not too far behind, driving the truck with all my belongings. I am on day 2 of my three-day drive moving to Arizona. I start to itch all over.Continue reading “My Food Allergy Journey Part 2: Violent Reactions”