https://www.madelinelindsey.com and Adventures with Madeline Lindsey and her allergies blog are about the life of me, Madeline Lindsey Greenwalt. I created this website and blog to connect with people worldwide by sharing my personal story, thoughts, and opinions.

Opinionated Content

I do remind you that all the content on this site is opinionated. It’s my opinion and mine only. Anything I say about a product, person, group of people, company, or country is my opinion and not a reflection of anyone else’s views and experience. 

Terms of Use

All the information provided in this blog is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. There may be unintentional omissions, errors, or mistakes. I reserve the right to change or omit the names of people and places for privacy reasons. I reserve the right to omit and change the names of people, places, and timeliness of any of the stories or experiences I have in my life for privacy and artistic reasons. I hold the sole right to the story of my life and any images or content herein. I have the right to edit or remove the content as I see fit. The usage and sharing of images and content on this website must give me Madeline Lindsey at https://www.madelinelindsey.com. I hold the right to delete comments made by other users on this website for any reason, including language, hate speech, and defamation of character.

Hold Harmless Clause

This blog has been created for entertainment and informational purposes. It should not be seen as advice or recommendations given by a professional, including advice about medical, legal, emotional, monetary, or other information you read about. Use this blog and its contents at your own risk.

Medical and Health Clause

I am not a medical professional there for anything I say or do on health, mental health, fitness, or anything medical related. None of the information or advice should be seen as advice from a certified medical professional. Only a certified medical professional can advise you on what’s suitable for your Health. Anything you do or try after reading this site and blog, you do at your own risk, and I am not liable for it. Please seek the advice of a medical professional on everything medical, health, and fitness related.

Reservation of Rights

I reserve the right to change how I manage or run my blog and this website at any time. I reserve the right to change the content or direction of this blog and website at any time. I reserve the right to all the images and content on this site. I reserve the right to delete and alter its content. ©Madeline Lindsey all rights reserved.

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