Xenophobia Abroad

I couldn’t point out why it bothered me so much. My second-week teaching in Korea and my province announced a mandate requiring all foreigners to get a covid test due to the rising cases. Yes, you read that right, only Foreigners have to get tested, and by rising cases, they meant forty. FORTY new infectionsContinue reading “Xenophobia Abroad”

Moving to South Korea During a Pandemic Part 3: The Flights

Well, I made it. Still no exclamation point at the end of that sentence, but there will be after The Airport and several days of recovery. The day I leave for Korea, I get to the airport thirty minutes after it opens, an hour and a half before my flight boards, and there is oneContinue reading “Moving to South Korea During a Pandemic Part 3: The Flights”

Moving to South Korea During A Pandamic Part 2: The Covid Test

Well I made it to South Korea. You would think that I would have ended that sentence with an exclamation mark or 10 but the past couple days were so emotionally draining it’ll take me a few days to recover. Let me start 2 days, 42 hours to be exact before I left for Korea.Continue reading “Moving to South Korea During A Pandamic Part 2: The Covid Test”

Moving to South Korea During a Pandemic Part 1: The Why

So Moving during a pandemic was never my intention. In fact, when I decided that I was going to travel the world no matter what, Covid-19 was over a year and a half away in an unimaginable dystopian future. My solo trip to Mexico City in November of 2018 reawakened a dream and a passionContinue reading “Moving to South Korea During a Pandemic Part 1: The Why”

Beosong Green Tea Fields

Tucked away along the sothern coast of Jeollanam-do is Beosong 보성 the home to green tea which has ben deamed pure enough for an astronots diet by the Russians. Green tea has been grown in this area for thousands of years and is quite the sight to behold. The largest farm in the region, DeahanContinue reading “Beosong Green Tea Fields”

Mokpo: Yudalsan

I am wandering. How long has it been since I was able to get lost and wander streets, enjoying a journey with a vague idea of a destination? Too long. So long I now consider getting lost a luxury. A luxury on my schools founding day I was able to indulge in for the firstContinue reading “Mokpo: Yudalsan”

Quarantine: Week Two Things Fall Apart

Let me be honest I am not a person of routine. I can only stick to a routine if I am so busy I have no other choice. If you hear me say my daily routine know that it is a lie. One that I’m telling myself as much as you. All of this isContinue reading “Quarantine: Week Two Things Fall Apart”

Quarantine: Week One a Productive Routine

I am alone in a small dorm room for 14 days, waiting to see if I caught COVID-19. I should feel excited now that I have made it to South Korea after a year of trying, but I feel nothing. Maybe it’s because the view from my window is of baren trees. Trees that lookContinue reading “Quarantine: Week One a Productive Routine”

My Food Allergy Journey Part 3: What They Didn’t Test Me For

Over the next few weeks, my reactions got fewer and fewer as I learned about cross-contamination and became diligent about reading the contents of every food package I bought. I spent hours grocery shopping. It turns out my allergens were in everything. Soon a few successful reaction-free months passed, and I thought I had madeContinue reading “My Food Allergy Journey Part 3: What They Didn’t Test Me For”