Dear Friends,

My life is not what I had imagined it to be.

I had dreamed once of being a storyteller though designing costumes for stage and film but like many of my dreams I succeeded and failed. Then decided it was time to let go of that dream which had turned into a nightmare stripping me of my sense of self. 

Between moving back home with my parents then to Tucson, Arizona without a job I came back to my first dream (well other than having a boyfriend but let’s not count that). My first dream was to travel, to explore, and to meet people

I thought by getting a promotion and working my way up a corporate ladder I could afford to travel but two years came and went in Tucson with no promotion in sight. So, I decided to become an English teacher and move to another country. 

I tend to make my own opportunities.

That’s what this blog is about me and my adventure through life.

Oh, I forgot to mention my food allergies. It’s also about that. 

Join me on my journey,

Madeline Lindsey

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