Mexico City Day 8 and 9 Reflections

After a very late night of drinking, I was pretty dead, so I decided to take it easy. I spent the first part of my day going through the parts of EL Museo Nacional de Antropología  that I missed. I then walked around some cafes and book stores I had seen on Instagram and caught the end of a traditional dance in a park.

I got super nervous, having used up all my data early in the day, so getting around was a little tricky, but I did pretty well, using different cafes’ Wi-Fi. In fact, it so happened that I ended up at a Starbucks for coffee and a light lunch when I saw my friend Z and her friends just when I was trying to meet up with them.

After finishing our coffee, we walked around for a bit before we started to bar hop. We came upon a beautiful wine cellar and proceeded to drink the rest of the day. I Honestly still don’t know how I was let on my plane out of Mexico because of how drunk I was. Some time around 3am, when I was at their hostel, I realized I needed to go back to my hostel to pack everything up and grab a taxi around 5am so I could catch my 7:30am flight back home. I was still drunk when I went through immigration in Texas at my layover. Some days I am dumfounded at my capacity to have fun and drink.

When I reflect on my time in Mexico City, the good times take president. From bar hopping to experiencing the might and beauty of the Aztecs to The Museum of Memory and Tolerance to Frida’s house and Dia De Los Muertos, this trip brought me so much joy. This trip also challenged me. I learned how to deal with being overly tired while trying to enjoy myself. It forced me out of my comfort zone while challenging my preconceptions about the UN, water rights, and safety abroad as a woman. It made history tangible, forcing me to think about colonialism and redefine what society has told me about the Aztec Culture.

I did not get to see everything I wanted while there, but I would still go back even if I did. Mexico City is vibrant and full of life and history. I see why so many travelers are drawn to it, and I hope to go back someday.

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