Unpopular opinion Daegu is just alright. Don’t get me wrong, Daegu has plenty of things to do like cafe hop or bar hop at various western and Korean-style places. There’s a performing arts center and a tone of outdoor activities, including hiking and amusement parks. Daegu gives me more family vibes and less single or young out-on-the-town vibes.

This was another stop along my trip in which I was way too exhausted to appreciate, plus all the things I would have enjoyed were close because it was winter. So what did I do during my 48 hours in Daegu?

I ate and accidentally ate pita bread in my falafel wrap, which is when I realized I may not be allergic to most, if not all, of my food allergies. So throughout the next couple of weeks, including the two days I spent in Daegu, I would test this theory out. Yes, I should have gone to an allergist first. If you are new to reading about my travels in Korea, it may surprise you to know that it’s hard to find an allergist here. Most doctors I’ve seen don’t think food allergies are a thing, or they are no big deal which doesn’t help me. Then, my doctor back in the states told me to check to see if my allergies had changed; she would just feed me my allergen in a supervised room to see what happened. So, by doing it this way, I was eating delicious food in my experiments rather than white bread.

While in Daegu, I also met up with a friend I met on Jeju who was leaving Korea.

I passed by this awesome bar called Barbarella, and how could I not stop in for a drink.

I walked around the historic area home to Chinese immigrants. I went to the traditional market known for selling a large variety of traditional Korean and Chinese medicine.

Most importantly, I caught up on sleep, preparing me to see Gyeongu with a friend!

The really cool thing I noticed about Daegu was how much there was to do there for someone living there. There were many hip-hop dance studios, yoga, pole studios, new gyms, craft studios, and hagwons that focused on things like YouTube. Despite my lackluster impression of it, I definitely see the attraction of living in Dague. Which is ok. The more I travel, the more I learn that some places are just not for me.

Places to Go

of course my time was short and several things were on my list that I didn’t do so please see more than I did!

Barbarella– 대구 중구 중앙대로77길 24

Black Taco and Grill – 대구 중구 공평로 31 건물 2층

Seomun Market– 115-1 Daesin-dong Jung-gu Daegu

Explore With Me

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