9 Days in Seoul

I would love to report that I got off to a smooth and relaxing start; however, with constant headaches that lasted most of the day, the first couple days felt anything but exciting and relaxing. My friend Sam and I decided to take our first few days slow since we were not feeling the greatest.

We wandered around Itaewon 이태원, Hongdae 홍대, Myeongdong 명동, and Nadaemun Market 남대문. With covid, my experiences in these places were quite different than that you see on YouTube, but none-the-less they made me fall in a little bit in love with Seoul. Honestly, this suprised me. I didn’t expect to like Seoul.

When I initially moved here, I thought Busan would be my city of choice, but we all know how that turned out. Maybe it is because I’ve lived in a small town for so long that the ease of city life and the ability to go to bars late without having to get a hotel or pay a minimum of 38,000KRW for a taxi is appealing. Not to mention being able to walk around museums and experience Korean culture in many facets without giving up the ease of access to hiking since mountains and parks are dotted in almost every neighborhood in Seoul. The slow start to my trip forced me to take in the city and think about what it would be like to leave here instead of my small town, something I didn’t have time for during my new years trip. After 9 days here, I do have to say I really enjoy Seoul. Each neighborhood has its own character, and it has everything you would want within a short subway ride away.

Overall my trip to Seoul was everything I needed. I met a new friend Yessie and said goodbye to Ching as she was getting ready to leave for new opportunities. The good mixed with the sad made this Seoul a trip to remember. One that made me excited for what this years has to offer and ready to tackle all of the challences it will bring. I already can’t wait to go back again.

My 9 Days is Seoul include

Markets in Seoul

The National Museum of Korea in Seoul

The Korean Royal Palace’s

Cheonggyecheon Stream, Tapgol Park, and Jogyesa Temple (ALL FREE)


Hongdae and Yeonnam


For more things to do dont forget to check out the last time I was in Seoul!

I’ll release each of the blogs about over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

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