Jinju Antique Street

Walking back to my hotel after the Jinju Lantern Festival, my friends and I stumbled across Jinju Insadong Antique Street!

Intrigued, we came back in the morning to capture it in the daylight. Between homes and murals, there are many antique shops hidden away in this neighborhood. Although they were all closed, it was still a delight to walk and capture photos of the area. While we wondered, we discussed the ethics of taking street photos of people. What is the difference between taking pictures because of someone’s appearance versus taking a photo because of what they are doing?

The conclusion so far is it’s a fine line; asking permission is the best practice but becomes an impossible hurdle for those who don’t know the language and can’t hire interpreters. There’s a big difference between taking photos because of someone’s appearance, which is not ok without permission, and taking pictures because someone is doing something fascinating or traditional to their culture. We decided there was no clear line, but in the end, your intentions and how you use the image carry the heaviest weight.

If you’re ever in Jinju, grab a coffee or tea and take a stroll down the antique district here. You won’t be disappointed by the quiet neighborhood, especially if you have good company and good conversation.

The neigborhood sits between the pin and the fortrss going all the way to the river on the left.

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