Moving to South Korea During A Pandamic Part 2: The Covid Test

Well I made it to South Korea.

You would think that I would have ended that sentence with an exclamation mark or 10 but the past couple days were so emotionally draining it’ll take me a few days to recover. Let me start 2 days, 42 hours to be exact before I left for Korea.

It says your test was damaged in transport says the nurse on the end of the phone. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. If I don’t get my test results in the next 42 hours my contract will be canceled and I won’t be able to teach in Korea for another 6 months. The program I was accepted into to teach English in Korea had already deferred once to covid. Fuck. I hung up not expecting to hear back from them jumped into my Honda Civic like a crazy person leaving my dad cat and dog very anxious and worried. I drove to a drug store where I got the last covid test of the day. The test results would be back in 24-72 hours I was told. 

I sat I the parking lot balling when my mom calls me on the phone. We got you in. The head of my clinic (she is a CSR at a local hospital) found out what happened and pulled some strings but you have to be there by 8pm. Oh my God thank you thank you thank you I repeat over and over again. Do you need a ride my mom ask as I pulled out of the drug store parking lot. Your dad would feel better if he drove you she says worried about my mental state as much as I was. I had already quit my job moving across country and I honestly couldn’t handle failing. No I said I’m not to far away from where I need to go I’ll see you when I get home I say.

I dashed to the clinic and waited to get tested hoping that the results would come back in 24 hours. Numbers were down and the state was slowly reopening which was hourly going to work in my favor. 

After a fitful night sleep I woke up early ready to go get tested a third time a a different drugstore that was seeing results with in 24 hours. I look at my phone and started crying. NEGATIVE the results read. I started crying again but thistle with gratitude for my mom and the amazing people at her work who helped me get my results in time. 

I wish I could say that the stress ended hear but it doesnt my story continues in Part 3 of these series The flights.

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