The Traditional folk village Naganeupseong 낙안읍성 located in Jeollanam-do thirty minutes by taxi or an hour and a half by a rural bus that only has one running on the line outside of Suncheon 순천.

This village has the feel of a renaissance festival that meets the Henry Ford Village in Detroit but Naganeupseong is more than that. It is a village that has lived through many invasions from Japanese armies and Wokou pirates. It is also the largest and most intact village of its kind in Korea.

As you walk the village streets, you will notice the strange juxtaposition between local artisan and tourist shops, between live and statue re-enactments, between traditional activities and people living their daily lives.

People still call Naganeupseong home, which allows you an authentic look at the resilience of this community through the ages. A community that still practices Koren shamanism, a religion that is no longer practiced in most parts of Korea even though some of its beliefs have been deeply ingrained in Korean society.

I could list all the activities you should partake in while you’re there as well as all the different traditions you can learn about, but I won’t. Part of the magic of Naganeupseong is discovering it yourself as you wander through the streets of mud and stone houses with rice-thatched roofs then around the village walls. Allowing yourself to be transported in time as you get lost in this traditional village in rural Korea.

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